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the only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision

It’s all about passion

It´s all about passion

Our success has been the result of working hand in hand with our partners; inspiring and challenging each other throughout the life cycle of each project from conception to completion. Our team shares an unrelenting enthusiasm for finding the right solution to maximize a project’s potential in its time and marketplace. We take our work home, to the beach and for a night out in town because for us it’s not work. It’s a passion.

Guiding Principles


We mastercraft each undertaking with uncompromising attention to detail and commitment to quality at every stage of the process. Our approach is sensitively tailored to each project’s location, environment and clientele in order to embrace and enhance its character and individuality.


Our work, by nature, is cross-disciplinary, harnessing the knowledge, the skills and the enthusiasm of our team and our clients to create an inspirational environment. We challenge each other to raise the bar. 


Integrated, sustainable solutions are the key to successful undertaking. We have a responsibility to create culturally integrated projects that enhance our local community while working with nature on a more environmentally conscious approach.  

Innovation & Technology

We see innovation as an evolutionary process and strive to explore new solutions and push boundaries with everything we do. 


Success is in continuity. Our vision extends to creating projects that increase in value and reputation through the years. 


We believe that the quality of our environment shapes the quality of our lives and we work towards constantly improving that relationship.

Meet the Experts

Quality is not an option, it’s a must.

We are a diverse team of thinkers and doers. We create things that people love. We aim high and work hard while keeping the balance between tradition, experimentation and the eternal human pursuit of pushing boundaries forward. And we do this proudly. Every single day.

Abigaíl Bautista

Alejandro Camacho

Alex Mitre

Andreola Velleryd

Anelen Rojo

Angie Villa

Bernardo Muciño

Bruno Bourlon

Carl Velleryd

Carolina Lupio

Dane Posey

Don Morris

Eduardo Espinosa

Gaby Digiuseppe

Giovanni Giammarco

Inés Madrazo

Jack Zider

Jane Mountney

Janet Jensen

Jerry Rivera

Jessica Moreira

Joanne Berkowitz

Joni Ross

Juan Díaz Rivera

Juan Manuel Matienzo

Lew Gallo

Lisa Torres

Maleny Rosas

Martin Posch

Mauricio Rivero

Mishka Erhardt

Polet Lastra

Renee Cherpin

Robert Evans

Silvia Armenta

Thomas Belaen

Valentin Orozco

Our roots are deep in the Baja

Know-how and know-who. Our vision is honed to clearly see potential in projects that others don’t.

Baja Original, Juan Diaz Rivera
Artifex Partner

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Noun: a master of an art, a maker, builder, author
Adjective: skilled, clever, dexterous
Plural: artifices The vessel in which alchemy takes place

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