Los Cabos: Otherworldly Underwater Adventures

Los Cabos is deemed by those who know best that it is one of the world’s best locations for diving and snorkelling. There are plenty of good reasons for this. One of the most well-known ones is that the Sea of Cortés was named by Jacques Cousteau as “The Aquarium of the World”, and we believe such moniker is self-explanatory. It is one of the few places in the world where you can find a seemingly endless variety of pelagic life in a single place.

We had a conversation with See Creatures Cabo’s manager Jonathan Vega, in which we had the opportunity to elaborate on what it takes to make the best of the scuba diving and snorkelling experience when visiting Cabo. “Jonathan, what general safety considerations should be put in place when going on a snorkelling tour?”, to which he responded, “bring lots of sunscreen and always request a floating device. Even good swimmers can get caught in currents and get too tired to swim back”. Jonathan also recommended making sure that divers and snorkelers always be accompanied by a certified guide.

We also asked him what special safety considerations should be observed when going on a snorkelling tour during the whale watching season. “Most snorkel tours might do a little whale watching, but if snorkelling in a designated area, it would be rare for whales to show up and approach the shoreline, so there’s really nothing to worry about.” “The following winter months are not really prime for diving, but we still expect to have a huge number of people visiting Los Cabos, especially during spring break and Easter holidays,” Jonathan added.

We wanted to have a good understanding, from a local professional guide’s perspective, how Los Cabos is ready to meet the scuba diving and snorkelling demands of the whale watching season, as it pertains to vessels, accommodations and such. Jonathan explained: “Los Cabos is ready to host more visitors than ever before. San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas are top-notch destinations and first-time visitors usually agree with us.”

We were wondering what scuba diving and snorkelling enthusiasts look for in Los Cabos, besides boats and/or tour services. “Basically”, said Jonathan, “visitors who come to Los Cabos with the scuba diving and snorkelling mindset, seek true, vivid encounters with a vast marine life, not to mention having the experiences of a lifetime.”

Los Cabos does benefit, economically, from scuba diving and snorkelling. Since 1980’s Los Cabos has been a world-class tourist destination leaving a significant economic spill trail. “Snorkel and Scuba diving are two of the main attractions”, Jonathan mentioned. “The benefits on the economy is huge for the community in every imaginable way, greatly benefiting service companies, accommodations, food venues, etc.”

Regarding environmental concerns, Jonathan mentioned that a number of environmental considerations should be observed by scuba divers and snorkelers when going on a trip. “Generally, diving in high tide is preferred. Check for currents before jumping into the water. Also check water temperature and what marine life season you’re currently in, so as to leave it as undisturbed as possible.”

In wrapping up, we asked Jonathan to share with us some final recommendations for potential new visitors to Los Cabos that will be arriving for the first time to scuba dive or snorkel. “Whether a beginner or an expert, make sure to reach out to an experienced, licenced snorkel and scuba diving tour company.” Both Nautlius Dive and See Creatures Cabo have all the necessary equipment, experience and credentials that you and yours will need for a safe and exhilarating scuba diving and snorkelling experience.”

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