The New Way To Stay in Cabo

After three dormant months, the Cabo hospitality industry is gradually returning to life, thus lifting the local population’s spirits, which depends almost entirely on tourism. Travelers’ response has been good so far – requests for bookings in the summer, and the remainder of the year has gradually increased.  

People worldwide have been staying home for long, craving freedom to travel and dreaming of their next vacation; now, the time to satisfy their wanderlust has come. But more than ever, tourists are concerned about their health and need assurance of strict cleanliness and sanitization measures from the destinations they choose to travel to. The establishments they plan to stay at.  

Most of Cabo hotels have solid plans to provide safe stays and are reopening their doors in stages. They have crafted meticulous disinfection protocols, acquired innovative specialized equipment, and trained their staff thoroughly to keep guests and associates safe.    Many hotels have adopted “Punto Limpio,” a local certification approved by the BCS government. Others have chosen to use the international “Safe Travels” seal, promoted by the World Travel and Tourism Council, to implement their enhanced hygiene standards. 

Despite all of that, most tourists planning to come to Cabo face a challenge when choosing their accommodation type. On the one hand, top luxury hotels such as Auberge, Waldorf Astoria, and Las Ventanas al Paraíso are guarantees of safety and cleanliness. It is within their capabilities to effectively implement their new protocols. Still, their hefty rates and resort fees are not for everyone. On the other hand, large, all-inclusive hotels offer more affordable lodging. The prospect of large crowded pools, buffet diners with high guest rotation, and open bars where plastic cups are reused hundreds of times every day is becoming increasingly unattractive.  A different alternative is emerging and gaining momentum in Los Cabos: short-term rental apartments and houses with hotel operations neatly executed by industry professionals. Guests turn their attention to new brands like Bohari, which offer a delicate balance between the reliable cleanliness standards of high-end hotels and the privacy, seclusion, and spaciousness of vacation rentals.  

The nascent concept provides guests with the flexibility to craft their experience according to their comfort within the new normal and their preferred level of service. If they so desire, guests can altogether avoid face to face interactions with staff or enjoy a warm welcome and recommendations by the concierge. They can cook their own dinner in fully equipped kitchens, or get fancy and hire a private chef, or go out to their favorite restaurant in Cabo. They can program daily housekeeping or require no cleaning service and pay accordingly. The whole lot while staying at exquisite apartments in top-notch Cabo developments like Palmilla, with high-end bedding, luxurious bath amenities, and beautiful furniture, all thoughtfully curated to indulge guests. Short-term apartment rentals with hotel-like operations, such as Bohari, offer exciting bespoke experiences and provide guests with safety and comfort. This just might be the new way to stay in Cabo. 

Written by Juan Manuel Matienzo 

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