In 2005 when I started working in luxury real estate development in Punta Mita, master planned resort-residential development was a trend. No longer a trend, it has now evolved into an integral part of today’s market.

All throughout Mexico the movement toward exquisitely designed, master-planned resort-residential developments is well underway and here in Los Cabos communities such as Palmilla and Chileno will soon be accompanied by similar and even more ambitious projects. Each master planned community builds upon common fundamentals to create a unique experience. These developments are typically anchored by one or more upscale hotels, complemented with a mix of branded and non-branded residences, custom home sites, villas, and condominiums all located within a highly secure environment. Additional amenities may include signature golf courses and beach clubs with facilities such as marinas and private landing strips becoming increasingly popular, particularly at the most-exclusive destinations.

Benefits of Master-Planned Resort-Residential Communities for investors:

  • Diversified sources of income: Investors are able to create an environment that combines income-producing properties (hotels) and for-sale properties (residences). This allows investors to realize a faster return on investment.
  • A development platform: Third-party developers are able to build a hotel or residential development with the benefit of a well-designed master-planned community’s quality infrastructure.
  • Flexibility in deal structuring: Master-plan developers are able to undertake a variety of deal structures within a single community. Developers can opt to manage the entire community independently; create joint ventures and offer the land to third-party developers; or sell portions of land, often called macrolotes, to third-party developers.

Artifex Development is very conscious of the need for foreign investors to find suitable local partners therefore our expertise provides turnkey solutions for investors who lack the knowledge and experience to feel comfortable in an unfamiliar emerging market and find it difficult to find the right match with available opportunities.

Irma Iniguez is Vice President of Artifex Development, she has a demonstrated history of working for more than 12 years in the design and construction of luxury master planned communities in Mexico, she has a Master in Touristic Development and a Diploma in Project Management from Tecnológico de Monterrey.

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