Southern Baja: Land of Development Opportunities

Savvy investors should keep a sharp focus towards exploring business opportunities in Southern Baja. The last 2018 Quarterly Indicator of State Economic Activity (ITAEE, for its acronym in Spanish) shows Southern Baja with the highest economic growth compared to the rest of the country and received $320 million dollars of foreign investment last year.

Expansion is coming and we are aware of it.

This growth is mainly due to two factors: The ongoing construction and the tourism industry. Developers recognize the diversity of this region and are creating master-planned communities which benefit from the unique scenery.

We can talk about the many factors but there are some that are key to understanding this phenomenon:

  1. Population growth: Southern Baja population accounted for 0.7% Mexico┬┤s total population but has grown rapidly in recent years.
  2. Socioeconomic status: Southern Baja is composed of middle-class income Mexicans and an increasing influx of US citizens who are buying properties within our communities. In addition, there is a healthy demand for luxury homes purchased as vacation, retirement or second homes.
  3. Connectivity: With international airports and first-class infrastructure, Southern Baja is known as one of the top favorite U.S. tourist destinations.

The link between trust and the arrival of investments is consolidated with great opportunities and excellent financial results. In recent years, the focus on Mexican coastal cities and towns has grown in popularity with U.S. tourists due to climate, views, access to the sea, and of course, proximity to the United States. When real estate investors consider the measurable growth, the significant strength and the profit returns our projects offer, they make wise financial decisions.

If you have a dream of developing something amazing in Southern Baja, chase after it!

We will help you bring it to life.

Oscar has a passion for Real Estate and Project Management, with a focus on analysis and valuation of financial statements.

He is a specialist in analysis on project reports, mainly real estate industry, business valuation, financial planning in hospitality figures & income projections modeling.

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