Travel Trends 2019

Part 1: Undertourism

In this day and age, many travelers are discovering that tourism is all about the quality of the experience and, as a consequence, undertourism is now emerging in different destinations, framing these destinations as peaceful, yet exciting, alternatives to overcrowded, tourist-centric cities.

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Design can be both the cause for and solution of most real estate development problems.

While credit for the original saying goes to Homer Simpson addressing the transcendental importance of beer as it relates to life’s problems, this philosophy is very appropriately applied to design; particularly in the context of real estate development where designers strive to be artifices manipulating spaces in which they weave the fabric of life and memories.

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Noun: a master of an art, a maker, builder, author
Adjective: skilled, clever, dexterous
Plural: artifices The vessel in which alchemy takes place

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